Bricksperience Awards

LEGO® fans of all ages are at different stages of their building journey. The Bricksperience awards are a means of celebrating the awesome creations builders of all experience levels have pieced together.

The Master Builder Award

BrisBricks’ most advanced builders may nominate their creations to be considered for the master builder award. Our master builders generally piece together largely impressive displays with intricate detail, carefully planned designs, tricky building techniques and significant time investments.

The Apprentice Builder Award

Many of BrisBricks’ passionate builders don’t consider themselves “masters” yet, but rather worthy apprentices. Our apprentice builders don’t shy away from putting together interesting displays containing original ideas, planned designs and mixed building techniques.

The Junior Builder Award

Our junior builders are among those who consider themselves to be just starting out. Junior are sometimes nervous about displaying their creations but often put together something that’s worthy of praise. Junior builders may adapt or customise designs, trial new ideas or incorporate sets they love into their displays.