• Have you been working on a cool project that you’re ready to share with the world?
  • Would you like to put together a display for one of our events?
  • Are you keen on sharing the excitement and enthusiasm our club members have on “show day”?

The first step is to complete an exhibitor application with all the details of your display.

The second step involves the event coordinator assessing all applications for the upcoming show, and providing feedback to each of the applicants.

When assessing exhibitor applications, the event coordinator will often give preference to displays with flair and imagination. MOCs (My Own Creations) are a fantastic way to express your creativity with LEGO. MOCs typically draw more attention compared with a simple display of standard off-the-shelf LEGO sets.

Please note, that submitting an exhibitor application does not guarantee acceptance of your exhibit at an event. The event coordinator will assess each application on its own merit, but must also consider BrisBricks Inc’s objectives and particular requirements for each event.

Applications CLOSED
Exhibitor Application - Chandler 2018
The BrisBricks Chandler expo is the largest show in the BrisBricks annual calendar and runs for three full days over the weekend. The show has welcomed up to 10,000 attendees across the course of the weekend, with more than 50 awesome displays.

Application Process Key Dates for Exhibitors - Chandler 2018