Renew Membership

Who needs to renew?
BrisBricks ordinary class members.
How often is renewal required?
Every calendar year.
What's the earliest I can renew for next year?
December 1st of the current year.
When is my renewal due?
All renewals are due by January 31st.

Automatic Renewal

What if I have an active membership subscription?
You’re a champion and have nothing to do!
Does it matter what time of the year I subscribed?
No. While you hold an active subscription, you’re registered as paid for the year.

Renewal Steps

Step 1 - Pay membership fees
Single Year Renewal Payment

BrisBricks Annual Membership (2018)

BrisBricks annual membership is payable by ordinary and probationary members. Club members of this class have elevated privileges, including voting rights to help steer the club and exclusive club perks.


Step 2 - Lodge renewal form
Your payment receipt number or transaction number is required on your renewal form.

Renew now!