BrisBricks Inc. Club Events

Chandler Expo
The Chandler Expo is BrisBricks largest event in the calendar. It’s held annually, around September/October at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler. The event typically runs for 3 full days and has over 55 awesome displays. You’ll also find LEGO fan retailers onsite selling all things LEGO, as well as vendors providing snacks, drinks and other fun activities.
Morayfield Expo
The Morayfield Expo is BrisBricks second largest annual event. It’s normally held about mid-year at the Morayfield Sport & Events Centre and runs for 2 full days. The Strathpine expo normally has about 20-30 awesome displays, as well as a selection of LEGO retailers onsite selling all things LEGO. There’s also a neat little selection of snacks and drinks available for sale, from small community groups and mobile vendors.
Mt Gravatt Expo
The Mt Gravatt “pop-up” show is a LEGO fan expo held at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds, the location of the very first BrisBricks show back in 2012. The Mt Gravatt Expo is a tidy single day show and has space for about 20 or so LEGO fan displays. The Mt Gravatt show was recently held alongside a separately run BrickResales “Brick Fair” event; meaning there was HEAPS of awesome LEGO for sale, including loose parts, hard to get items and collectors pieces.

BrisBricks Guest Appearance Events

Brisbane Model Train Show
BrisBricks have been displaying at the Brisbane Model Train Show longer than any other event. In-fact appearances at the Brisbane Model Train show pre-date BrisBricks days, where the founding members of BrisBricks were part of the Brisbane LEGO Train Group (BLTG).
Oz Comic-Con
BrisBricks’ appearance at Oz Comic-Con Brisbane is an annual opportunity for club members to showcase their best comic, sci-fi and fantasy themed LEGO displays.
Star Wars Day at Dreamworld
BrisBricks has a close working relationship with the 501st Redback Garrison. The 501st Legion Redback Garrison and BrisBricks have hosted a “Star Wars Storm Trooper Weekend” at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast for several years now. The event sees huge numbers of Star Wars characters gather and an impressive number of Star Wars LEGO displays on show.
Redcliffe KiteFest
The Redcliffe KitFest is an annual festival held in Redcliffe that sees dozens of spectacular kites flying on display. BrisBricks have been attending the Redcliffe KiteFest for a number of years now and love sharing LEGO displays with the community during the festival.
Rochedale State School Fete
BrisBricks love sharing the creativity and skill that club members invest into LEGO Building. There’s no better way to do that than share with young enthusiastic minds at a school fete. The Rochedale State School fete has welcomed BrisBricks on a number of occasions to display some of the club members’ creative work.