Pay Membership Fees

Ordinary and probationary class members of BrisBricks are required to pay membership fees each calendar year.

Membership fees paid between January 1st and November 30th are for the current calendar year. Membership fees paid between December 1st and December 31st are counted as for the next calendar year.

If paying by direct deposit, payment is not due until January 31st. For example, If someone wants to make a payment for 2023 membership they should make the payment between 1st December 2022 and 31st January 31st 2023.

Membership fee for the 2023 membership year is $10.

Membership Subscription

A BrisBricks yearly membership subscription takes the hassle out of keeping up-to-date with annual payments. Once subscribed, your membership fees will be debited automatically each year on your subscription anniversary date.

Members who have an active PayPal subscription are always registered as having paid for the current year, regardless of their subscription anniversary date.

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Single Payment

Pay $10 membership fee for the 2023 Membership year

Bank Direct Deposit

Membership fee can also be paid by direct deposit into the BrisBricks bank account. It’s essential that you use your full name as the deposit reference to ensure your payment can be successfully receipted against your membership.

  • When paying by direct deposit, it’s important that you enter full name of the member which the payment is for as the reference.
  • If paying membership fees for multiple members, it’s preferable that individual deposits be made for each member, listing their full names individually as references.
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