General Meetings

General meetings are formal minuted meetings that are held in order to steer the direction of the club.

The BrisBricks Inc. management committee are elected to oversee the operations of the club. The management committee call for general meetings throughout the year so all eligible voting club members can assist in steering the direction of the club.

It’s a mandatory requirement (as per the club’s constitutional rules, and over arching QLD State Legislation) that BrisBricks Inc. holds one Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, within 6 months of the end of the club’s financial year (which is December 31st).

The President of the club will normally chair general meetings, and in the President’s absence another committee member will be chair.

Who’s welcome at general meetings?

Only full ordinary members are eligible to attend BrisBricks Inc. general meetings. Formal minutes with attendance records must be kept for all general meetings.

As per the constitutional rules, any member of the club is entitled to request a copy of the of the club’s meeting minutes.

How long do general meetings go for?

The length of general meetings is entirely dependent on the set agenda for the meeting. The set agenda will typically be a mix of routine items, as well as specific agenda items raised by either the committee or members of the club.

On occasions, general meetings will precede a club social meeting.

What goes on during a general meeting?

General meetings will typically hold a number of standard agenda items, such as:

  • Business arising from previous meeting
  • Action item status review
  • Admittance of new club members
  • Committee updates from President, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Coordinator and Ambassador
  • General business agenda items
  • Other items of business that must be small in nature and may arise within the meeting

Appointing a proxy for a general meeting

Ordinary members of BrisBricks who are eligible to vote but are unable to attend a general meeting for whatever reason, are able to submit an instrument to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf.

The BrisBricks Inc. constitutional rules outline the what’s required when submitting a proxy for a meeting. To simplify the process of submitting a proxy, we’ve created an online proxy appointment form that will collect the required information and generate a well formatted PDF document that you’re able to submit to the secretary ahead of a general meeting.

Proxy Appointment Form