Social Meetings

BrisBricks hold social meetings most months of the year. Social meetings (also known as club social nights), are routinely held on the second Saturday evening of each month.

Who’s welcome at social meetings?

All club members are welcome at social meetings!

If you’re not a BrisBricks club member yet, you’re still more than welcome to come along to one of our social nights. You’ll be able to meet a few of our club members and join in the meeting fun. Just remember to contact us first to let us know you’re interested in coming along.

It’s important to note that social meeting guest lists do come in two different categories:

  • Adults only social nights, strictly for members who are 18 years old or more. BrisBricks Inc. want to ensure we remain true to our roots, in that we’re primarily an AFOL LUG (Adult Fans of LEGO, LEGO User Group). As such we like to facilitate meet-ups for members whereby all in attendance may have adult themed conversation about all things LEGO or all things related to life and existence in general.
  • Family social nights welcome all club members and their families along. These nights are a great opportunity for everyone to join in group activities and discussions while sharing experience with one another, whether young or older.

How long do social meetings go for?

Social meetings run at night, normally kicking off at 6:30pm, and running until about 8:30pm. On a few occasions per year, a general meeting for full ordinary members may proceed a social meeting, at which point alterations to times and arrangements will be advertised.

Social nights are certainly relaxed and carry an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere; you’re certainly not obliged to stay for the entire duration of the social event.

What goes on during a social meeting?

We’re always coming up with new and exciting ideas for our social meetings. A few of the ways social meetings are kept interesting include:

  • Themed build nights. Members normally build something ahead of time, based on the chosen theme for the night.
  • Believe it or not, simple “bring a set to build nights” are popular with with club members. Bring a set nights encourage AFOLs to come along and simply build LEGO and have a great time sharing ideas with others.
  • Games or group activities, such as collaborative impromptu builds.

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