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This year BrisBricks Inc. is working hard on introducing a variety of new and exciting perks for ordinary and probationary members. We’re hoping these efforts will facilitate a higher level of engagement between club members, as well as increase the overall level of enjoyment had by everyone.

Today we’re opening up initial membership number selections for our ordinary and probationary club members.

What’s in a number?

Club membership numbers are most often randomly assigned and somewhat generically boring. Well this doesn’t need to be the case if you’re an Ordinary or Probationary member of BrisBricks.

As Adult Fans of LEGO, most of us have a treasure trove of memories of growing up with LEGO. And I’ll take a bet that most of us have a favorite LEGO set that’s responsible for many treasured memories and fun times. Well why not mark your identity in the club with the LEGO set number that means the most to you; make it your everlasting club membership number!

Do I need a customised membership number?

Well of course you do!

Ordinary and probationary members need to renew their membership each year and generally get involved with the club’s operations. Having a unique membership number makes it easier to identify members, link membership fee payments and much more.

Plus future perks such as customised membership cards and BrisBricks Points will certainly help your most prized LEGO set set number be known to everyone!

Window of opportunity for initial selection

The initial membership number selection window will close on midnight 31 May 2018. At his point, all initially submitted preferences will be assessed and allocated (In the scenario that 1st preferences clash, these scenarios will be specially resolved in this initial process). After May 31st, membership number availability will be based on a first in first served basis.

Enter Preferences Now!

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  1. My first choice is my favourite LEGO book; number 7777. It is all about trains and it is from the ’80s.

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