Christmas and the gift of giving

On Saturday December 1st 2018 we had the honour to attend the Special Children’s Christmas Party, an event run and hosted by Variety charity to throw a special party for the handicapped, disabled and terminal ill children from around South East Queensland. And what a party! There is free food, free rides and free presents to all of the 3000 invited children. Together with the mums, dads, brothers and sisters, we estimated 6000 attended the day.


Brisbricks had been invited to setup several tables with LEGO to let the children build to whatever they wanted during the event. Some creation were mindblowing, with one individual building a baseplate with an air hockey handle that floated on the Base Plate, such amazing ideas!

When it was time for us to hand out the $2000 worth of LEGO sets we donated to the event, we had all the kids dancing and moving to music and we handed them out to the best ones, many happy smiles. The donation is one of many we’re able to give from the income we make from our LEGO Fan Expos in the Brisbane region, and we know many appreciate how we are giving back to the community.

We were also interviewed with a live cross to the Children’s Hospital, where those that couldn’t make it to the party were watching. We wished them and all a very Merry Christmas and also explained what Brisbricks does and invited them to visit our next show.


We hope we helped the children having a fantastic day out. For us, it was a wonderful humble experience and we are glad we have been invited to be part of this next year again.

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