Judging Reveals BrisBricks Inaugural Brick Award Winners

You may not have realised it, but there was something special about this years BrisBricks Chandler 2018 LEGO® fan expo. This year BrisBricks introduced a series of Brick Awards that are designed to recognise exhibitor talent and the awesomeness of their displays. Judging throughout the weekend revealed the winners of the inaugural Brick Awards.

BrisBricks introduced eight unique awards that span three specific categories, including:

Judging was carried over the course of the weekend by an impartial panel of three judges. Exhibitors were independently scored across four criteria by each judge, with the highest scoring builder taking out the award.

BrisBricks is proud to introduce the following inaugural brick award winners.

Bricksperience Awards


Tamara Dadswell with: Butterfly Ball, Hatter’s House and Beauty and the Beast.


Amy Syvertsen with: Brickade – A LEGO® Arcade


Tracy Gotshall with: Bridging Nations Around the World

Brickspertise Awards


Damien Kee with: LEGO® Robotics


Brent Waller with: Wayne Manor and The Batcave


Col Tait with: Mini Fun Park


Magnus Hindsberger & Russell Bates with: Blockwarts – Hogwarts School of Magic

Brickstigious Awards


Amy Syvertsen with: Brickade – A LEGO® Arcade

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