Successful first social night of 2019

Our calendar now shows 2019, a new year – and as something new, we trialed having our monthly social night on the north side – at Chermside Library.
The meeting room was good, though the need to get through 3 locked doors after hours did impose some challenges to get people in as they arrived.

At the meeting, we discussed 2019 key dates, LUGBulk, and otherwise enjoyed building the sets we all had brought along. There were some really cool sets in between – like the new Chinese Dragon Dance and a UCS Naboo starfighter.

We also got to see our new train display tables Johnny had built. They looked great and will provide us with a lot more flexibility for layout, and cut time to setup and pull down the tables significantly. So a big thank to Johnny for that! We took the opportunity to have a small impromptu meeting discussing the 2019 train layout.
Thanks to all for coming along and see you next month – this time in Carindale.

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