On A Train Journey Around Queensland

Over the weekend 4-5 May, it was time for Brisbane Model Train Show, an event that means a lot to BrisBricks, as it was the key annual event for its train display to be shown since the early 2000s. And that day today, BrisBricks plans and builds a new major train display for this event every year.

Starting in January, 16 club members got together to brainstorm ideas for the train layout. Last year’s “In the movies” had been extremely popular, and finding something that could match it was not easy. Finally, the the club settled on “Journey through Queenland” as theme.

And what a journey! The trip starts in the Far North Queensland, with rainforest and a river, with Kuranda rail bridge being the centerpiece towering in front of a huge waterfall.

The river flows to the ocean, where the Great Barrier Reef lights up with all its colours.

A large section representing a North Queensland village and surrounding farmland follows. Here, minifigures are busy harvesting pineapple and other crops.

In the middle of the display a botanical garden is open for visiting minifigures.

The Brisbane region takes up another large section, representing South Bank, Brisbane River and CBD, the XXXX brewery in Milton and a suburban cricket field and parkland.

Finally, the display takes us to the outback with rodeo, sheep farm and Birdsville Hotel.

The audience loved it at the model train show, and we are looking forward to showing it again at BrisBricks Morayfield LEGO Fan Expo.

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