Great Scott, it’s a Raffle!

This is heavy.

Chris Vella won the raffle!

Congratulations Chris!

We’ve just time travelled back from 2052 with this stunning set – still in the original box!

It only took us 1.21 Gigawatts to get there and back so that YOU could have a chance to win a LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine that REALLY IS from the FUTURE!*

It could even be the copy that you end up winning but don’t open (because you guys didn’t feel ready for it yet, but know your kids are gonna love it)!****

Don’t be a chicken like Clint Eastwood, enter now so your dreams of building a DeLorean out of LEGO can be done in style.

Raffle Ticket for - LEGO Creator: Back to the Future Time Machine 10300

Raffle Ticket for – LEGO Creator: Back to the Future Time Machine 10300


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The prize is a LEGO Creator Expert Back to the Future Time Machine set valued at AU$269.99.

This raffle is being run by BrisBricks in accordance with the Queensland Government’s Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999. As a not-for profit association, we don’t require a licence to run raffles (category 1 game), but the Act has certain rules that must be followed:

  • to buy a ticket you must reside in Queensland, and
  • the number of tickets available are limited to the value of the prize (at least 20% of the estimated gross proceeds)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Raffle open to all residents of Queensland.
  2. Prize must be collected from a BrisBricks show or social night.
  3. A total of 269 tickets are available in this raffle
  4. Drawn 14 May 2022 at our next social night
  5. Winner’s name will be announced on this page within 7 days of draw.

*Yeah, well, you can’t prove we didn’t.

**Oh, you say you can prove we didn’t? Really! Like you have your own time machine! Ahhhh. OK. You do have your own time machine. Ohhhhhh, that’s why you look so familiar. 1885? Yes. I remember. Ugh, no, I hate manure too.

***It’s interesting that Kanye finally got elected President of the United States in the 2049 election with Will Ferrell as his VP. Heavy stuff.

****Oh, your grandkids said “hi”.

*****Actually they said “🙌👾🙆🙋🤷‍♂️”, but we think that’s just 2052 speak for “hi”.

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