Enjoying LEGO® Masters? Join a LUG*!

Every time LEGO Masters Australia returns to our screens, more and more people discover (or rediscover) their love of LEGO.

Kids get to share with their friends, but what about adults?

Brickman explains why a LUG* is perfect for the AFOL** in you.

LEGO has a community waiting for you, whether you’re young, old or young at heart!

* What’s a LUG? What? You didn’t watch the video? Fine, a LUG is a LEGO User Group. It’s where fans of the coloured plastic bricks share their love and appreciation with each other.

** What’s an AFOL? Seriously? Why have Brickman make this great video if you don’t watch it? Fine, an AFOL is an Adult Fan of LEGO – that’s over 18 years.

*** What’s an RLUG? We haven’t even mentioned that yet. Ah, you’ve read ahead. An RLUG is a Recognised LEGO User Group – meaning the club’s title has been officially bestowed by the LEGO® Group.

If you live in Brisbane, are an AFOL and want to join a LUG, you’re in luck!

BrisBricks is Brisbane’s premier Recognised LEGO User Group (LUG)!

With our hundreds of members, BrisBricks put on major events that draw over 20,000 visitors a year. They also put on displays at partner events like KiteFest, regional shows like Mount Gravatt and Pine Rivers, as well as smaller displays in public libraries and schools.

Aside from exhibiting their LEGO creations, BrisBricks hosts regular social nights and has an active community on Facebook, where members regularly share interesting news or ask questions in our private chat group.

The best thing about BrisBricks is that Social Membership is free, making it the perfect way to stay in touch and meet other LEGO lovers in your area.

So get involved with a great bunch of AFOLs!