April Social Wrap-up

We finally heard the clinking of bricks!

The Bucket of Bricks MOC was a focal point

Having been locked up for so long, when we were finally able to gather in the same place at the same time, there were too many of us! We couldn’t fit in the library rooms, and we couldn’t turn anyone away … so …

We returned to the spiritual home of BrisBricks, the site of our first major exhibition, the Memorial Hall at Mount Gravatt Showgrounds.

Old and new faces smiled brightly and the clattering of LEGO® bricks filled the air (literally – we have to do something about the echo echo echo echo).

Everyone who attended got a goody bag (a fun polybag of either City, Easter or Spider-Man varieties), and a lucky handful walked away with our famous meat trays (don’t worry – there were vegetarian options). Never fear – our meat tray raffles will continue 🙂

As it was our first get-together in almost two years (aside from the socially-distanced Christmas parties and LUGBulk sorts) we decided to freestyle the evening. No theme, just a chance to be social.

Some brought sets to build (and there were quite a few that stayed in the box because of chatting), others bought sets to pull apart. Others brought sets to share the joy of seeing them (some classic Pirate sets), and then at the back of the hall were the Realms.

It was terrific to see a group of LEGO lovers planning a build in such a forum. The Realms display is going to be something that continues to appear at social nights, with the ability to learn more about this group effort, as well as joining in the build on common areas.

We had to have a build competition, so out came the bucket!

April’s Bucket Build saw young and old compete with creativity the winner (oh, and TJ). Funnily enough, the two judges couldn’t decide between two of the MOCs and were going to award a joint prize. TJ just happened to have built both winning sets (a view of the worm’s home and a certain Starship’s crash landing in micro scale).

Discussions strayed away from LEGO to ideas for future social nights. We’re already looking into having cold drinks for sale (to raise money for the Club of course) and there’s the potential to have a BBQ to make the nights a truly social affair.

The next social night would have been at Chermside Library, but again the RSVPs are over the room limit, so we’re planning on continuing at Mount Gravatt Showgrounds for the rest of the year.

The only month we won’t be gathering on the second Saturday is September, as the 10th just happens to be BBX – our first Expo at RNA Showgrounds.

But as the BrisBrickians took their leave, it was judged a fantastic return to form, and an indication of social nights to come.

See you at the next one!

I’ll be the guy in the red shirt.

Stephen Scott
Vice President & Marketing Communications Co-ordinator

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