Committee Changes

Sadly Scott Esposito had to resign from the position of Partner Events Coordinator, but will continue to support and assist the committee where required.

This allowed Harrison Hill to move into the Partner Events Coordinator role (which is what he had originally applied for), and for Stephen Scott to take on the Communications / Marketing role (again, what he originally was interested in).

Stephen will also continue in the Vice President role as he is a glutton for punishment. 

The committee reached out to Marcus O’Keeffe, who has agreed to join the team as a General Officer. He was voted into the role unanimously.

While we hate to see a committee member go, we know Scott will still be around to help out, and we are all excited about being able to tap into Marcus’ knowledge and skills. 

It’s going to be a fantastic year for the Club.


Claude Norval
BrisBricks, Inc.
0408 838 314

Amended 2022 Committee:

President: Claude Norval
Vice President: Stephen Scott
Treasurer: Alastair Raphael
Secretary: Daniel Beaumont
Major Events Coordinator: Troy Aspden
Partner Events Coordinator: Harrison Hill
Marketing Communications Coordinator: Stephen Scott
General Officer: Marcus O’Keeffe

Non-committee position:

LUG Ambassador: John Worthington

Image: Lego Pile by David Lofink