July gave us two more hours to build!

Saturday 14 July, 2018 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Adult Build Night

What’s the theme?
We don’t have one!

  • Simply bring along some LEGO that’s sitting in your build queue
  • Maybe you will finish building in two hours, or maybe you won’t. Up to you.
  • Catch up with LEGO buddies and have a yarn.
  • No themes, no prizes, no stress!

This July, two hours of build time were dropped on a bunch of AFOLs like a ton of bricks. There was no shortage of LEGO to build, nor was there a shortage of great conversation. BrisBricks members descended on the Carindale Library meeting rooms like kids in a LEGO store.


BrisBricks members rocked up with LEGO bounties of varying shapes and sizes, ready and willing to build. There’s no process, no structure and no limit to the amount of LEGO talk you can have. One of the hot topics of conversation was that of the new LEGO Powered Up system; a likely successor to Power Functions.

One great aspect of a BrisBricks adult build night is being able to feast your eyes on some of the latest sets. A couple of train enthusiasts pulled up with the new Powered Up Bluetooth passenger and cargo trains. On the other end of the spectrum another train goer brought along their Santa Fe classic that’d been pieced together from Bricklink.

The beauty of a bring your kit to build night is that the range of themes being built is awesome! This time round there was Friends, Creator, the new Arctic theme, Technic, Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes to name a few.


Not everyone was building LEGO the whole time as there was important train display business to discuss. A few of the club’s contributors to the Brisbane Model Train Show’s (AMRA) BrisBricks display put their heads together to discuss an upcoming project to design and construct new purpose built display tables.

After a decent session of kid free building, this bunch of AFOLs slowly wound down the evening and shot off home to order more LEGO to build next time.

A few more snaps of the night show off a self fulfilling GBC and mini Tardis with Arduino based LED system plus a room full of BrisBricks LEGO enthusiasts.

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