“LEGO” fly a kite!

Who had a good time at the 2018 Redcliffe KiteFest you might ask? Well the answer is simple. The 11th Doctor with his LEGO® Tardis had a ball, and so too did BrisBricks.


BrisBricks setup shop at KiteFest Friday afternoon ready for the gates to open at 9am on Saturday August 25th. Storm chasers were in a frenzy with the promise of a wet weekend but that didn’t rain on KiteFest’s parade (straight away).

BrisBricks had a nice big space setup in the KiteFest Kids Zone. Visitors came to see a selection of awesome LEGO® creations and spent time building master pieces of their own in the BrisBricks LEGO® play area.


This year our club members had a range of creative builds on show, including a miniature version of KiteFest in LEGO form; complete with mesmerisingly mechanical flying kites. Although kids found it terribly tempting to poke and prod the mechanical master piece, the flying LEGO® kites stood tall throughout the day (mostly).

40031658_10214455772200493_976774965833498624_nLet’s not forget to mention the 11th Doctor and his Tardis, who made an appearance at KiteFest and didn’t fail to impress. And it goes without saying that the very small portion of the massively magical Blockwarts Castle that was on display also impressed fans young and old. The Blockwarts “teaser display” gave everyone a glimpse of how large the full Harry Potter scene will be at our upcoming Chandler Expo, that will run from September 29 to October 1. (Tickets available here.)

The show wasn’t all just mechanical kites and ministries of magic. There was also an impressive range of custom designed historic military tanks and combat choppers on display. Dads seemed especially keen to show their kids these neat builds and find out more about the stories behind them; including the accuracy and detail worked into the huge MH-60T Jayhawk US Coast Guard Helicopter.

Last but not least and probably to many young builders the most important part of any BrisBricks display, was the LEGO® play area. We were thrilled to see fans of all ages playing, building and telling stories of their creations throughout the day. There were several very talented young builders such as Pete who built a cool video game like “Pete”. Another builder took the challenge to put together the tallest tower they could possibly assemble under one BBQ roof. The tower almost stood a shakily tall 2 meters high.

Even though the event was eventually rained out Sunday, it’s safe to say the thousands of people that visited KiteFest over the weekend had an awesome time; as did BrisBricks and the 11th Doctor.

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